So pure... so fresh... only from... Highland Fresh

Highland Fresh dairy products are 100% pure cow’s milk, passing through strict quality standard testing at the primary cooperatives’ farms, compact farms, and at the processing plant. All products contain no preservatives and are registered with the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).


Fresh Milk

  • Homogenized for better flavor and pasteurized for longer shelf life;
  • Best for shakes, coffee, mixed with native pastries;
  • Serve chilled or hot;
  • Can be stored for one week under refrigeration;
  • In 1 liter, 500 ml and 330 ml per bottle.

Flavored Milk

  • Flavored with purees of melon or cocoa powder;
  • Child-friendly odor and taste that kids and all love to drink;
  • Store up to 10 days under refrigeration;
  • In 1 liter, 500 ml and 330 ml per bottle.

Flavored Milkbar

  • Flavored with purees of durian, pandan, ube, strawberry, melon or cocoa powder;
  • Pure milk packed for affordability;
  • Best served when frozen;
  • Store up to 10 days under refrigeration;
  • Best-seller among HF dairy products;
  • 100 ml per piece.

Gouda Cheese

  • 100% natural cheese from pure cow’s milk, no binder, no extender;
  • Produced only by NMFDC. The production technology was obtained directly from Holland;
  • Aged to perfection. Shelf life is up to 5 years under refrigeration;
  • Tastes best with wine and crackers.


  • Contains Lactobacillus bulgaricus culture to promote proper digestion and prevents the dreaded intestinal cancer;
  • Enriched with sugar and blended purees of strawberry, blueberry and guyabano for flavor;
  • In 500 ml, 300 ml, 250 ml and 200 ml per bottle.

White Cheese

  • 100% natural, nutritious and delicious;
  • Contains 8 – 15% fat;
  • Best with pandesal;
  • Packed in 200g.

Pure Butter

  • Guaranteed made from fresh cream of pure cow’s milk.
  • No vegetable and artificial fats added;
  • Stores for a month if kept refrigerated;
  • 220 ml per pack.